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We’ve all been there, you need help and you are wanting to learn more. You finally found the nursing test bank you have been looking for on our fast, secure and private site.

You were able to download exactly what you wanted as soon as you purchased it, you studied the test bank as soon as you got it, and you passed your exam and learned core knowledge.

So what do you do now? You want to write a testimonial, so others, who like you, are looking for help and may be just looking for your testimonial for assistance.

Due to this fact, we have made this page, exactly for this purpose, so if you are a nursing student, and we were able to help you in your class, please by all means, leave us a very cool or funny or simple testimonial, we would love to hear from you!

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best site ever for test banks, legit!!!!

Been using this site for a while, I highly recommend them

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  1. Great site, instructors aviator use these questions

  2. the best website I’ve seen so far for nurses. I love this test bank I recommend it. I’ve been using it for my nursing classes. Fundamentals of Nursing question were very helpful and I found some of this questions in my test. Also, the Med-Surg book test bank was a blessing. I wouldn’t have gotten a B in this class if it wasn’t for this test bank

  3. The only reason I passed Pharm was because of this site.

  4. I will give the site itself a good rating, but what doesn’t get a good rating is trying to get logged in. Every time I try to change books, I always have to log in again. And when I try to do that, it keeps telling me I have the wrong password. It happens every time. I hope this issue will get resolved. I have requested.

  5. Amazing site! Offers a great review

  6. useful for think about audit

  7. I love this site, it is a great help.

  8. This site has been a wonderful tools i have ever used. I appreciated thank you.

  9. You guys are awesome I want to become a VIP member but I paid with my card the website ask me for the discount code I did not have it how can I get it please, thanks a lot for this website, its very helpful, God Bless

  10. Amazing!! however is there anyway to covert to PDF or Word, since I don;t always have access to a computer?

  11. Great for review

  12. One of the best nursing websites i have ever seen. this place easily is the best way to study before an exam use this as supplemental practice after you have read and reviewed the chapters and i promise you, you will pass if not get an a on any exam you take.

  13. Amazing site. It has helped me tremendously.

  14. Glad to was told about this.

  15. The site is really cool!

  16. This site i use as a study tool to test myself and i am improving on how i answer questions. ..i love the rationals…THANK YOU!!!

  17. I cherish this item since it encourages you get ready for exams and the inquiries are fundamentally the same as what you see on exams. I am ready to dismantle the inquiry and look for what they are really asking and giving the justification behind each answer clarifies things a ton. This was undoubtedly extraordinary compared to other buys I have made for school..

  18. Very very helpful thank you. There are some glitches with links to video clip and sound clips not working, but besides that awesome thank you so much.

  19. Exceptionally fascinating &important , I have no lament at al for utilizing this, in light of the fact that without this I figure I would be dead under the water .

  20. This administration has helped me to hone the inquiries that are really fundamental for acing test taking abilities and achieving achievement in nursing school.

  21. I absolutely love this site!!! It has most definitely helped me throughout nursing school!!!

  22. This is the best site! If not for this site, Nursing school would be notwithstanding morechallenging. Not exclusively do they give you the appropriate response, it gives you the reasons why it is the correct answer, and also why alternate decisions are not the appropriate response. It’s the best learning and study device out there. The cost, in which doesn’t lapse is wonderful as well. You can’t wager that cost. Nursing Test Bank Rocks!! Much thanks to you


  24. Awesome, Very helpful. Thank you.

  25. good for study review

  26. Very helpful. Teachers cannot cover everything in class or on an exam, so the more practice questions I do, the more prepared I feel for ATI and NCLEX

  27. This site is awesome. You have to do your work first. Then practice the NCLEX style questions on this test bank. Guaranteed 84 or higher on your next exam! Answer to my prayers!

  28. Love this website! It has really helped me improve my grades! I also love the rationales just wish I could print! I also wish the HESI book/material was on here!

  29. This site help me a lot, it’s a really good studying program.

  30. good site

  31. Thankful for this site!!!!

  32. This site is an incredible asset.

  33. Hi, love this site, it has been a lifesaver, especially for Rasmussen students. Can you add Comprehensive Review for NCLEX-RN (Pearson)?

  34. This site worths the price, the rationales behind all the answers are very helpful and educative, I passed my last classes with “A”s

  35. Colossal lifeline! This site is answers to all nursing school supplications!

  36. Very accommodating in each class that I have.

  37. awesome for survey!

  38. Very interesting &important , i have no regret at al for using this, because without this i think i would be dead under the water .

  39. great help reviews…

  40. This site is great. You need to do your work first. At that point rehearse the NCLEX style inquiries on this test bank. Ensured 84 or higher on your next exam! Reply to my petitions!

  41. This site worths the value, the bases behind every one of the appropriate responses are extremely useful and educative, I passed my last classes with “A”s

  42. I love this site. It has great rationales and really helps me understand the material.

  43. Awesome investigation device

  44. love this site it has help me so much with my studies

  45. Helpful!!!

  46. Great studying tool!!

  47. I love this website

  48. It seems good too me, but I still need to manage my test anxiety. The contents are very helpful. Thank you

  49. truly wish I knew this existed before I started my semester. I had no idea these were the types of questions that were going to be on the exams. This is truly an excellent site. They are quick to respond and I highly recommend it for all nursing students!!

  50. I am more than thanful for this site. It has been a great resource.

  51. this is an amazing website for learning the rationals… and helping you understand why it is the correct answer.. NCLEX questions are about the “perfect medical world” not the Real word .. so we need guidance and I am THANKFUL you have this for us….Thank you…

  52. You guys are very helpful

  53. this website has helped me so much not just with the answers but learning from the rationales!!thanks a million

  54. Great for students

  55. Extremely supportive investigation help.

  56. This site is the best . I went from a c+ to An understudy in nursing school so far thanx!!!!

  57. Awesome! Truly helps you prepare for your nclex style exams!!

  58. cherish felines.

  59. This site was the only reason I passed nursing school.

  60. I heart little cats

  61. its an awesome tool to apply your understanding of the reading into questions.

  62. The content area is good and the questions are challenging like a real exam. Good source for studying.

  63. This is a decent site for exam survey, the inquiries are exceptionally useful in exams.

  64. Keep up the good work!!!

  65. magnificent testbank

  66. Awsome!!!!!!!

  67. Utilizing nursing test bank as an examination instrument has expanded my exam scores by at least 10%. I’ve prescribed to every one of my companions.

  68. HUGE HELP! Amazing source on strengthing what I’ve learned in lecture and what to expect on an exam

  69. This is an awesome apparatus to have, I examine my parts and after that survey the test bank to see where my investigation level is at. There are not shrouded costs, its straight… I just wished they had The greater part of my books. A debt of gratitude is in order for this apparatus!

  70. I seriously would not be passing nursing school if it wasn’t for this website, hope you continue to update because its seriously a godsend!

  71. This website has helped me tremendously with my tests. I get to test my knowledge before the test and really see where i am at! Definitely worth it!

  72. Great site

  73. Hey, cherish this site, it has been a lifeline, particularly for Rasmussen understudies. Would you be able to include Complete Audit for NCLEX-RN (Pearson)?

  74. I can’t say enough about this website. It is absolutely awesome!! Thank you so much for this helpful site. I really hope you guys are diligent with adding new books requests 🙂

  75. Stunning Affection IT!!!!!

  76. LOVE this website. I was skeptical about paying for it initially because as students we pay for so much and every book is so very expensive. However, this is by far the best purchase I have made the entire time I have been in nursing school.

  77. This has help colossally! I like the assortment of training questions and the justifications. It encourages me learn and apply what I’m examining!

  78. I love this site, helps me a lot on medical surgery! My money is all worth it!:)

  79. Adore it!

  80. easy to use, great test bank!!!!!

  81. This is a greatly accommodating! Very suggest!

  82. Very solid nursing test preparation. It is especially helpful to be able to focus on specific chapters. Many thanks!

  83. Thanks for your support. This is a great site for students to narrow down what to read and also boost up our grades.Thanks to nursing team support.

  84. just registered, when school starts we will see how good this site is…

  85. Excellent! Thank you!

  86. great resource! It helps improves my grades because I am able to understand the questions and the rationals! Its great

  87. I love this product because it helps you prepare for exams and the questions are very similar to what you see on exams. I am able to pick apart the question and seek what they are truly asking and giving the rationale behind each answer helps explain things a lot. This was without a doubt one of the best purchases I have made for school..

  88. On my last semester of nursing school and I just found this site, WOW! What a life saver. I look forward to using all these resources to study for the NCLEX.Thank you nursingtestbank!!

  89. Excellent resource

  90. Marvelous

  91. Simply discovered this site thus far I cherish it!

  92. cherish this site it has assist me such a great amount with my examinations

  93. It is everything it said it was going to be. It’s the best Freaking website ever!

  94. Exceptionally supportive

  95. Very helpful information!!!

  96. It’s worth every penny

  97. great site and test bank.

  98. Great review

  99. I can’t say enough in regards to this site. It is totally amazing!! Much obliged to you such a great amount for this supportive site. I truly trust you folks are tireless with including new books demands 🙂

  100. Not awed. Was just ready to discover one course book’s test bank all through my nursing vocation and it was pointless on the grounds that they weren’t similar inquiries required, not worth the expense I paid.

  101. This website is an great resource.

  102. The best thing about these are the method of reasoning, they truly enable me to take in the material altogether.

  103. This site has been extremely useful all through my nursing school

  104. Love this website!! It has helped me so much. I had a little trouble with my username and password in the beginning and the admin was very helpful and responded to me quick. I’m so happy I found this website, I really don’t know where I would be without it!

  105. best resource

  106. Awesome examining device!!

  107. Love it!!!

  108. very very helpful

  109. I adore this site, causes me a great deal on medicinal surgery! My cash is all justified, despite all the trouble!:)

  110. This is the best site! If it wasn’t for this site, Nursing school would be even morechallenging. Not only do they give you the answer, it gives you the reasons why it is the right answer, as well as why the other choices are not the answer. It’s the best learning and study tool out there. The price, in which doesn’t expire is awesome too. You can’t bet that price. Nursing Test Bank Rocks!! Thank you

  111. helps understand what i learn in class, great for studying

  112. great!!!!

  113. Excellent

  114. This website is the best . I went from a c+ to A student in nursing school so far thanx!!!!

  115. Extraordinary site! Huge amounts of test banks! Certainly justified regardless of the money$$$

  116. If you you need more questions beside the ones you have at the end of each chapter from your nursing school, you should invest in this website .

  117. Totally worth the money! Lots of resources!

  118. Good source for sounding

  119. Very helpful

  120. Very useful. It would be easier to read if the questions were bolded. Need more books.

  121. thank you ! for let me read and study as much as i can 🙂

  122. This website has been very helpful through out my nursing school

  123. Certainly justified regardless of each penny. Astounding investigation help with awesome methods of reasoning.

  124. I like it up until this point, since the majority of the books I’m considering are in there. My exclusive grievance is the site doesn’t demonstrate the outlines or sounds. I trust you will settle this soon. Generally much obliged!!!

  125. This product is a great resource for students, the questions are helpful in testing your knowledge and the rationales are an amazing preparation for the NCLEX.

  126. The questions and rationales are great but I wish there was a printer friendly format.

  127. Honestly, I thought this site was a fake. But it is not! I saw tremdous results after my first test! I’m a happy camper. I give this site a thumbs up!

  128. This site has been so helpful when used as a study guide along with my notes! Thanks so much.

  129. Thank you so much for creating this site. It really helps, not just on exams, but also on how to approach a question and understand the rationale.

  130. This along with attending class, listening to the recorded lecture, and reading the book has improved my grades significantly. Before I was a B student, now I am an A student.

  131. such a life saver!!!! so glad i found this site

  132. Great site.

  133. So loving this site! Really narrows done what I need to study. My grades are improving!

  134. I am So grateful to find this site through friend very help full and i pass it on to maney friends. Thank you!!

  135. Decent site causes me a great deal Might you be able to please add ” Prologue to medicinal surgical nursing sixth release by Adrianne Dill Linton bless your heart

  136. This is such a great source, wouldnt have passed my exam withoht it.

  137. Great studying tool

  138. I like the assortment of inquiries. I am ready to get the inquiries when I am examining on my work area at home. Be that as it may, when I utilize another PC, I can’t sign in any longer. I am frustrated by that. no move have been made despite the fact that I have sent them numerous messages, the issue still.

  139. much appreciated

  140. Very helpful love it

  141. Definitely worth the money and time. All is true! I just wish we could get our request in a month’s time vs 4-6 or more time down the road.

  142. loving it so far. Been able to practice questions show what content areas to concentrate on. I will give it five stars later after I take and pass my test in school. Great job.

  143. This is a wonderful resources for me. With it, I passed my fundamental of nursing, many thanks.

  144. This is the best test bank ever. These test bank help improve my study skills throughout my nursing school. Without these test bank..I would not be passing my nursing courses now….Thanks test bank for helping me.

  145. just started,,want to try and see how this helps after seeing motivating reviews

  146. I love this site! It has helped me so much! I don’t know where I would be without it! I keep having problems with my password. It will say it doesn’t remember me but I’ve contacted them about it and have had help each time. Thank you!!

  147. I was failing my adult nursing class until I found this site … The rationales that come with the questions really helped me learn and answer similar questions. With the help of this site I improved by two letter grades on each test including the final.

  148. Awesome

  149. Great site, helps greatly!

  150. I was looking for a study tool and I have found this course to be exactly what I need to make it in Nursing School.

  151. great learning resources

  152. i can’t THANK ENOUGH this site…i love you guys for everything…

  153. These guys provide another dimension of studying for nursing! 5/5

  154. This site is awesome..the rationales help explain why one answer is ” more right” than another…

  155. Definitely worth the investment! This site allows me to have more practice questions along with rationales, which allows me to understand what I’m learning and why the correct answer was chosen. Thank you nursing test banks!!

  156. So glad I stumbled upon this site. Very helpful for understanding the content. Great purchase!

  157. Excellent study help

  158. best thing since sliced bread! thank you!

  159. it is amazing site

  160. I love this website! Great study tool!

  161. This website is a life saver.. Heaven sent for me!.. I’ve seen Great change in my studies.. God bless you!!

  162. Extremely supportive site, love the inquiries and basis I recommeded to all my kindred schoolmate.

  163. Great examination material

  164. Best instrument to get ready for all your nursing exams. Exceptionally convenient to scale through that nursing program numerous are terrified of. You will never think twice about it. Ahead to progress.

  165. Its really helpful. i enjoy using theses questions to help prepare for test i wish, they were a test bank to prepare for hesi specialty exam and hesi exit exam

  166. Great study site. very helpful. love it

  167. This site has been so useful when utilized as an examination direct alongside my notes! Much appreciated to such an extent.

  168. Just found this site and so far I love it!

  169. Best tool to prepare for all your nursing exams. Very handy to scale through that nursing program many are scared of. You will never regret it. Ahead to success.

  170. It’s a great resource to study for nursing! Wish to have more textbook available~

  171. Thanks so much. Best and best.

  172. Extremely helpful. It is less demanding to peruse if the inquiries were bolded. Need more books.

  173. This was spot on time!

  174. Increased my grade to an A, teacher used same or close to it questions. Helped me understand the rationale behind each question and learn how to answer NCLEX questions. Thank you!

  175. This site has improved my grades. I’m more confident with test taking skills. Thanks

  176. Where have you been all my life? Incredible asset!

  177. Magnificent examination help

  178. I am so glad that I was told about this site! Thank you!

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  180. Awesome site for nursing school. If you have any concerns with the site just use the contact us box at the bottom of the scene. The staff is always ready to help with assistance. U ROCK Nursing-test-bank!!!

  181. I highly recommend this website to boost your grade. I immediately saw the results after using nursing test bank

  182. Right on Q with all my tests. Forever grateful for this website! I’m passing all tests

  183. Thanks for your support

  184. This site is awesome plenty of questions to study from, its worth the price

  185. I love the questions. They help me to prepare for my tests.

  186. Nursing test bank has been an illumination to me amid my sturdies.

  187. This site was the main reason I passed nursing school.

  188. So far, it is ok. A good studying tool and like the fact that the answers have rationale.

  189. Very helpful and makes nursing school less stressful(if that’s even possible) lol.

  190. This resource is great, but there was a link that leads you to Hesi speciality and other stuff different than the one i am seeing now. I was wondering what happened to it. it was nine $9 and the questions weren’t that many and it has pharmacology for free?

  191. I was exceptionally frustrated to see the a large number of the test banks have next to zero method of reasoning furnished with the appropriate responses.

  192. This is a good website for exam review, the questions are very helpful in exams.

  193. Thank you! This is a great option to include in your study toolkit.

  194. A gift from God himself. Thank you!!

  195. This site has helped me understand the topic’s better, I have learned more from these questions then just reading the chapter, but doing both puts it in a content where I can understand and build from it!! thank you!!!

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  197. This site is awesome..the reasons help clarify why one answer is ” all the more ideal” than another…

  198. Very helpful website, love the questions and rationale I recommeded to all my fellow classmate.

  199. Unquestionably justified regardless of the cash and time. All is valid! I simply wish we could get our demand in a month versus 4-6 or more time not far off.

  200. I love this site! It helps me understand what I have been learning in class.

  201. On the off chance that your book is on here, these inquiries WILL enable you to finish the test-worked for me 100%!!!

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  203. really wish I knew this existed before I began my semester. I had no clue these were the kinds of inquiries that would have been on the exams. This is really a fantastic site. They rush to react and I very prescribe it for all nursing understudies!!

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  205. I adore this bank, I simply wish that the inquiries will be intuitive, and reviewed toward the end

  206. These helped to such an extent

  207. Great tool to help enforce what you have read! well worth every penny.

  208. Not impressed. Was only able to find one textbook’s test bank all through my nursing career and it was useless because they weren’t the same questions needed, not worth the fee I paid.

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  211. This site is a great tool to use to help study! It improved my grades and really helped me to test better and to narrow down what to study. Thanks for all your work to make this a great supplement and study guide to help nursing students!!!

  212. Helping me see things from a different perspective, helping me grow…

  213. it has been an incredible help! I have seen a few slip-ups in answers yet general incredible… instructors despise these lol… awesome approach to realize when your instructors suck in lecture!!.. you have to include Smith and Duell our College utilizes this book!

  214. Thank you for this website, It makes things alot less stressful. This site is awesome I hope that you guys will continue to add more books.

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  238. I like it so far, since most of the books I’m studying are in there. My only complaint is the website doesn’t show the diagrams or audios. I hope you will fix this soon. Otherwise thanks a lot!!!

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  240. Thanks! you guys is a big help. Can you add “Shifting the Center “understanding contemporary families by Susan J. Ferguson

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  288. Nice website helps me a lot Could you please add ” Introduction to medical surgical nursing 6th edition by Adrianne Dill Linton thank you

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  294. So far I have had no issues with the site, although other people I have talked to have had many issues with logging in. I am able to search anf look up many of my book, i love that the TB’s have the rational with the answer, it definitly helps when you need more explaination.

  295. Extremely helpful . My teacher uses these exact questions

  296. On my last semester of nursing school and I simply discovered this site, Amazing! What a lifeline. I anticipate utilizing every one of these assets to ponder for the NCLEX.Thank you nursingtestbank!!

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  299. nursing test banks has helped me a lost my first semester in nursing program. I have been able to review the areas that I need to focus on using the test bank. Over all, I was able to understand the various subject area.

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  301. Using nursing test bank as a study tool has increased my exam scores by 10% or more. I’ve recommended to all my friends.

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