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Measurement and Problem 2
Chapter Overview
Chapter 2 introduces the student to a cornerstone of the chemical sciences, the
manipulation of numbers and their associated units. These concepts are very important for the
rest of the course, and in order to be successful in this course, students must understand them
well. Simple and complex unit conversions as well as problem-solving strategies will be covered
and explained in detail.
Lecture Outline
2.1 Measuring Global Temperatures
A. Units are important
B. How many digits do I report?
2.2 Scientific Notation: Writing Large and Small Numbers
Learning Objective:Express very large and very small numbers using scientific notation.
A. Shorthand notation for numbers
B. Two main pieces: decimal and power-of-10 exponent
C. Measured value does not change, just how you report it
2.3 Scientific Figures: Writing Numbers to Reflect Precision
Learning Objective:Report measured quantities to the right number of digits.
A. How many digits can I report? How many should I report?
B. Certain digits and estimated digits
C. Counting significant figures
1. All nonzero digits are significant
2. Interior zeros are significant
3. Trailing zeros after a decimal point are significant
4. Trailing zeros before a decimal point are significant
5. Leading zeros are not significant
6. Zeros at the end of a number, but tothe left of a decimal point, are ambiguous
D. Exact numbers
2.4 Significant Figuresin Calculations
Learning Objective:Round numbers to the correct number of significant figures.
Learning Objective:Determine the correct number of significant figures in the results of
multiplication and division calculations.
Learning Objective:Determine the correct number of significant figures in the results of
addition and subtraction calculations.


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